About Farley Bernholz

I have been on this earth awhile and find life more fascinating each day. 
It only took me 50+ years to get over a teacher or two telling me I had no artistic talent.
Better late than never, right?

I usually paint with acrylics but love watercolors too.
I never have a “plan” and I am always amazed at what/who wants to show up in the finished product.
I guess you could say I am an ‘intuitive” painter.

     She may have taken up artist’s tools in her life’s Third Chapter,
but Chapters One and Two were spent in preparation for greatness.
She was born a creative soul, her name speaks it, and now she’s bursting at the seams to express all that she’s lived and loved through her art.
I am glad I own some of her pieces.  
She’s a bold and unstoppable  talent and I am richer for it.

  Cathy Smith Wilkerson


 Farley’s art is so pleasing to the eye and to the soul,
always leaving you feeling better.
Come to think of it, her artwork has the same effect as has Farley - always left feeling better.

   Bob McLeod


Farley's work is the best!
For it is love, love of paint, love of life, love of expression and art.

Joel Berquist

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